Supreme Court of South Dakota.

Pursuant to SDCL 15-26A-87.1(A), (B), (C), and (D), the Supreme Court may, sua sponte, enter an order or memorandum opinion summarily affirming or reversing the judgment or order of the trial court in actions wherein the criteria as required by those sections are clearly met. SDCL 15-26A-87.1(E) provides that such summary dispositions may not be cited or relied upon as authority in any litigation in any court in South Dakota, except when the decision establishes the law of the case, res judicata or collateral estoppel, or in any criminal action or proceeding involving the same defendant or a disciplinary action or proceeding involving the same person.

Case Docket Date ofTitle Number Decision Disposition
McCormick v. Land O Lakes, Inc. 18901 10/10/95 affirmed State v. Parker 18993 10/24/95 affirmed State v. Thompson 19012 10/24/95 affirmed City of Wagner v. Kocer 19084 10/24/95 affirmed McManus v. McManus 19085 10/24/95 affirmed State v. Ferguson 19091 10/24/95 affirmed Kooistra v. Larsen 19092 10/24/95 affirmed Schooley v. City of Box Elder 19137 10/24/95 affirmed Donahue v. Donahue 18867 10/24/95 affirmed Lewis v. Box Z Ranch 18975, 11/13/95 affirmed 18979 Livingston v. Oyen 19095 11/13/95 affirmed Melaragno v. Melaragno 19051 11/18/95 affirmed T.T., Matter of 19015 12/4/95 affirmed R.J.R., Matter of 19052 12/4/95 affirmed Stainbrook v. Stainbrook 19068 12/4/95 affirmed J., Matter of 19073 12/4/95 affirmed L., Matter of 19139 12/4/95 affirmed SD Wheat Growers v. Daniels 19152, 12/4/95 affirmed 19171 Huls v. Eickman 19181 12/4/95 affirmed Walz v. Class 19196 12/4/95 affirmed Kjellsen, Matter of 19130 12/4/95 affirmed Schiley, In re Estate of 19083 12/4/95 affirmed State v. Schlenker 19138 12/4/95 affirmed Brownell v. Fish Sanitation 19149 12/4/95 affirmed Bergman v. Claytor 19163 12/4/95 affirmed State v. Ridler 19028 12/6/95 affirmed Rolfes v. Rolfes 19112 12/13/95 affirmed

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