Supreme Court of South Dakota.

Pursuant to SDCL 15-26A-87.1(A) and (B), the Supreme Court may, sua sponte, enter an order or memorandum opinion summarily affirming or reversing the judgment or order of the trial court in actions wherein the criteria as required by those sections are clearly met. SDCL 15-26A-87.1(C) provides that such summary dispositions may not be cited or relied upon as authority in any litigation in any court in South Dakota, except when the decision establishes the law of the case, res judicata or collateral estoppel, or in any criminal action or proceeding involving the same defendant or a disciplinary action or proceeding involving the same person.

Case Docket Date ofTitle Number Decision Disposition
Wellman v. Wellman 15995 10/18/88 affirmed 16002 Grooms v. Solem 16130 10/18/88 affirmed Sioux Valley Hosp. v. Yankton 16214 10/18/88 reversed State v. Roether 16232 10/18/88 reversed State v. Hinkle 16143 10/18/88 affirmed Jones v. Jones 16099 10/18/88 affirmed State v. Patten 16082 10/18/88 affirmed Johnson v. Bank of Brookings 16134 10/18/88 affirmed State v. Patterson 16156 10/24/88 affirmed V.M.W., Matter of 16160 12/5/88 affirmed State v. Shaffer 16243 12/5/88 affirmed Bank of Alcester v. Sveeggen 16200 12/5/88 affirmed State v. No Neck 16193 12/5/88 affirmed State v. Akinleye 16271 12/5/88 affirmed State v. Spoonemoore 16239 12/5/88 affirmed Bank of Alcester v. Sveeggen 16230 12/6/88 affirmed State v. Johnson 16257 12/6/88 affirmed E.W., Matter of 16119 12/6/88 affirmed Hunsley v. Hunsley 16260 12/28/88 affirmed

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